Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gorgeous- This is for you

Yes, you! Come on in. Why are you peeking in so uncertainly? Gorgeous, someone lied to you. The women you see on t.v.? The ones the magazines keep telling us are the ‘most beautiful’, the ones that seem to be living the glamorous lives…they’re really not ‘real’, you know.
How many stylists do you think they have working on their hair? On their make-up? On their lips alone? How many times do you think they’ve been to the dentist to have their teeth whitened, straightened- smile perfected? How many operations do you think they’ve undergone?  
How many people do you think work on choosing the perfect outfits for them to wear and highlight their figures?
And the magazines? It’s called ‘air brushed’/ photoshopped.
Gorgeous, you need to know something.
Real women have crow’s feet (wrinkles next to their eyes)..wrinkles next to their mouth. Real women have moles, stretch marks, pimples, dark circles underneath their eyes.
If they’re mothers, their shirts may contain marks of ‘baby’s’ delightful surprises (throw-up/etc.).  It might not be perfectly matched- but they do what they can with what they can afford.
And real women…
Real women have eyes that crinkle, twinkle, and the wrinkles around their eyes? They only emphasize real women’ happiness and sorrows. And the dark circles underneath their eyes? It’s the marks of motherhood (no sleep); what could be more beautiful than that?
Real women have smiles that come from their heart, not from the dentist’s handiwork.
Real women- they’re real. They’re outta this world.
And they’re gorgeous.
And you’re one of them. 

 P.S. And real moms? Not those fake sitcom moms who wake up in make-up? As Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) said...Paradise lies underneath their feet.


  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Awwwww what a beautiful post!!! *wub*

    Especially the dark circles part, LOL! Last night as I was brushing my teeth before I headed to bed, I tried to smile to see if I should start investing in anti-wrinkle cream yet. No wrinkles, but I've picked up a pair of dark baggies underneath my eyes. I looked at them and smiled even more, cuz I looked like exact copy of my father, with his signature bags under his eyes. I'm a proud daddy's girl, and looking or acting in any ways like him makes me happy and proud :D

    PS. I'll take up your tea offer at any time, as long as you'll share your choco bar :p

  2. Sandia, this is a gorgeous post. Made me tear up. Subhana'Allah! I am so happy you're blogging. Awwwww pancake, you're so cute! that's sweet!!! You're beautiful!

    Pancake = Sonia? LOL

    Again, thanks sandia. (((((((((hugs))))))))))))

  3. salam sister. what an insight.
    women being brainwashed by the fashion media for so long.

    oh btw we were born on the same year. =)


  4. MashaAllah! sis. yeah.. there's different forms of beauty.. it's funny, today i asked my kids to define 'mama' and none of them said a word about looks.

  5. great post! you are a wonderful writer!


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