Wednesday, 12 May 2010

In Response to Your Comments about Egyptian...

Blogger is acting weird today. I tried replying to y'all but it wouldn't let me. So here goes:

Moonsmile, Jazaki Allah koli khair. I read my twinkie your comment :D

Pancake, yeah, but they messed up our spelling not in English but in ARABIC. Hahah. I’ll tell you why though. It’s cause Arabic relies on a ‘dot’ system- many of the letters are differentiated from others by just a dot on top or underneath, right. Well, they switched our dots around….LOL…and we ended up having to prove that we were all related.

Clytie- I loved your blog! So seriously, no thanks necessary. Guys, go visit it. It’s such a nice idea! And LOOOOL! I think I’ll skip the Department of Motor Vehicles if it makes Egyptian bureaucracies look like kindergarten ;)

Rebecca, I don’t think. I know your bathrooms must be better!! I love your comment- the evidence is our poetry and literature. So true.
Funny thing is when I stumbled on your blog, you reminded me of a ESL teacher I used to know (really like a lot) who used to work in China and came to the UAE. Ooo and I went back and visited your blog :D “We agrees” ;) (Think Langston Hughes, The Rent Man or something like that)

Yup, Susanne! That’s the bright side of things, heheh.

LOL oldie goldie! I guess it’s true then….It’s a bureaucracy thing and not an Egyptian thing :P

On the serious side of things, I read a very depressing article today about a Palestinian family fighting the Israeli bureaucracy to save their son. He was born in Gaza and had two holes in his heart.

He didn’t make it. Let’s take a moment though to remember him. Read his story here:



  1. It's so sad about the little boy who died while his family was fighting bureaucracy - craziness!!! >>>:-[

    I was having problems with Blogger earlier, too! I was replying to all your wonderful comments from last night and this morning and it kept giving me error messages. FINALLY it was fixed and I replied to you.

    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for what you shared. You are a great teacher and so sweet to give me examples and patience!

  2. awww.. such a sad story about the boy!

    hmm.. blogger didn't make problems to me today, i made my problems with it myself :D i changed my mind so many times about the size, font and colour.. and the text ended up to be different font and size in different parts, not what i wanted.. i couldn't fix it and some codes were not closed the way they should, i couldn't find the problem, so i ended up cleaning the whole html (except my text) and started from the beginning :D


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