Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Language of Giving

Aslamu aliakum wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo and HelllOOoo,

The scene: two little boys who look to be originally Pakistani (but perhaps UK nationals since they spoke English) sit next to an Egyptian lady and her 3 year old toddler
The Problem: The Pakistani boys want to play with the toddler, but there appears to be no common language between them. They speak Pakistani and English, and he speaks (3 year old) Egyptian…
But then, the Pakistani boys did an incredible thing.
They had been eating some chocolate while looking at the toddler and they’d finally reached their last chocolate.
There it was…the very last piece.
They decided to offer it to the toddler.
As the toddler’s mother “unwrapped” the chocolate, she offered it back to the boys. My twin said, you could see that the boys really did want it, their mouths practically salivating over it, but still, they shook their heads no,
And left it with this toddler,
This toddler they didn’t know,
This toddler that didn’t speak their language-

That, my friends, is the language of giving. And it, along with love, is the language of humanity.

Aishah, the Prophet's wife and the mother of the believers (may Allah exalt their mention) said: A poor woman came to my door carrying two little girls. I offered them three dates (i.e. since I had nothing else). She gave each of her two girls a date, and lifted the third one to her mouth to eat. Both her daughters urged her to feed them more, so she split the last date into two pieces and gave one half to each of her two daughters. I admired what the woman had done and told the story to the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) who said upon hearing it:

"Verily Allah obligated paradise for her due to this act of hers".

You shall not attain righteousness until you spend of what you love. Whatever you spend is known to Allah. (3:92)
(This is the reason our Imams say ‘don’t only give used clothes for charity/etc. Give what you love. Your new favorite piece of jewelry, etc.]



  1. So beautiful i love children and i love your blog, haha wish i could comment more, but im too busy hybernasting or studying or something, btw OMG IM GOING EGYPT haha you have to show me around :p

  2. Love that story. Yes,some things are just universal, aren't they? They bridge the gaps where languages fail. Thanks for this great reminder!

  3. "Actions speak louder than words." So true. Love the story.

  4. mashaAllah cute post, and a great reminder! ♥

  5. As Salaam Alaikum Miss Bateeks, this made me all teary eyed. It is so beautiful to see the innocence and generosity of children...and how as adults some can re-learn these lessons just by opening their eyes and hearts. SubhanAllah.

  6. So did you read Tracey's story about the wedding on my blog? She told it!
    Yes, children can often show us what we are forgetting ourselves, can't they?
    I love Shel Silverstein (or did you know that already?)

  7. Naz- Yayness!! You decided on Egypt!! So when are you going, though? I still haven't decided when I'm going. I may go in early June or late June. I'll definitely show you around Alexandria :D Cairo, though...that's a whole other story. You'll have to show me around :P Haha!

    Susanne- exactly what I was trying to get at :D

    Jaime, I love your comment <3

    Oldie goldie andMiss Serendipity-- Jazaki Allah koli khair. It really is so beautiful to see their innocence :D

    Rebecca, just visited it and read it! OMG, absolutely hilarious. I actually don't know if I did know that you loved Shel Silverstein or not- all I remember is clicking on something I loved in my profile and finding your profile and blog. It could have been that one :D


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