Monday, 31 May 2010

These Tell a Story

Rachel Corrie

Tristan Anderson

Tom Hurndal

These tell a story,

Don’t you think?

It is a story of courage, of heroism, of great and incredible sacrifice…

But it isn’t the story of Happily Ever After-

Not as we continue to sit down, idly, ignoring these deaths again and again.

Not if we ignore what is happening right now, before our very eyes-

As my good friend, “UmmHend” explained: [This] was an aid flotilla organized and carried out by an international group of people from 40 countries! Including a holocaust survivor, USS Liberty survivors, Nobel Prize recipient, women, humanitarian workers, aid workers, peace activists. They would not have done this way if it were an arms smuggling mission. Millions of people watched live what happened there last night, Israel is well known in the world community for spinning the stories to make themselves look faultless after using hugely disproportionate violence, this is all common knowledge...

The UN Rights Chief said: "We need to establish exactly what happened. However, nothing can justify the appalling outcome of this operation, which reportedly took place in international waters," Pillay said in a statement. 

"I unequivocally condemn what appears to be disproportionate use of force, resulting in the killing and wounding of so many people attempting to bring much-needed aid to the people of Gaza, who have now been enduring a blockade for more than three years."


P.S. Remember this:

His father screamed “Please, don’t shoot. Don’t shoot.”

They shot, anyways.

His son died in front of international television (a French camera got it all).

P.S.S. We may not be able to do much, but each blogger can help spread the real story- our words may at least spread awareness which can, hopefully, lead to action by our leaders of state. We need a global outcry and it begins with each of us…
P.+ 3’s: if you don’t know the stories of the people above, click here:
(Be warned, though, there are ‘graphic pictures’).  


  1. To be honest with you, even though i hate the Israeli government for such actions, i'm still a firm believer of peace between Jews & Muslims, simply because i don't want my kid's to feel the same as my parents & everyone, this horrible hatred that spreads so easily in each community against the other.
    But,alas, they make me lose hope each time they do something like this..right when i think theres some hope for us with them to become a we, something happens that severely contradicts with my hopes..but then again,thats what lifes about no? Believing in the better in the face of defeat, to be a better & more humane person irrespective of our situation..that's what the Prophet (PBUH) would've done, & did, & that's why He was the Prophet.
    God Bless you,& let's all pray united for PEACE

  2. OH I am a firm believer in peace,as well, Ms. Chutkus! I have joined "the Jewish Voice for Peace" movement since like last year, actually. Awesome organization!

    You can even join it on facebook:

    I am in NO way against the Jewish people and this post is in no way against the Jews! I am against the illegal occupation of a country and the inhumane blockade of a people. I am against Zionism as well and injustice.

    Have you heard of Dr. Noam Chomsky? Dr. Dr. Norman Finkelstein? Both are Jews and both condemn Israeli occupation of Gaza, etc. Their talks/articles are amazing!

    Anyways I really like what you said though about 'believing in the better in the face of defeat'. That is a beautiful line and I completely agree that this is what the Prophet did!

    Thank you so much for your comment, though, as I hope others understand that I will in no way tolerate 'hatred' comments against "jews".

  3. i did a post on this too, i dont even care about the "facts" israel is the most unbeleivable nation on earth, the most inhumane people i have ever seen, they make me give up on the world, i hope one day they get whats coming to them, i think its a nation built on terrorism however i dont think tehy represent the jewish people as a whole

  4. Salam Alaykum,
    JazakAllahu Khairan Sarira.

  5. ohhhh.. i couldn't concentrate on reading the post well.. the subject i can't much talk about.. because i don't know what to comment, i always worry how to reply on this subject.. a lot of people judge me for being in the middle somehow, but what to do? I feel so bad for the palestinians who suffer in gaza, west bank and refugee camps in different countries. my heart cries for them. bu.. my kids are half palestinian, they have two passports, finnish and israeli. i don't support their government, they do sooooo wrong. but i can't hate everything in that country. my sweet in-laws live there. they didn't run away when most palestinians had to go out from the country. they're not refugees, they stayed there, at their homes and now live amongst the 'enemy'. most of their lands were taken to build houses to you know who.. etc etc.. there i've seen that on individual level, jews and muslims - or should i say, jews and arabs (as some of them there are christians) can be friends. they are neighbors, go to each others weddings, work in the same places etc.. i can't even support things like 'boycott israeli oranges'. i saw how the arabs, muslims, were working on the farm picking up oranges. saw a jew boss too, but none of them picked up oranges. the only ones besides arabs i saw in the fruit picking jobs were foreign. so if i boycott.. i take the food out of fellow brothers' and sisters' mouths.

    i pray that there will be peace some day. and i will not read what i wrote, or i will end up editing.. and editing.. and never say what i wanted to say originally.

  6. So sad. :( Thank you for this post.

  7. Oldie goldie, I truly appreciate your comment and understand where you are coming from. I have a few friends also who have the Israeli passport- so I understand what you are saying. BUT I believe when innocent people die, we have to speak up.

    I didn't mean that they can't be friends or anything, like that. I respect many Jewish people and feel we have much in common. I once took a 'what religion are you test' and it guessed that I was 93% Jewish- so yes, I think we can be friends, BUT would I be a friend of jewish person who supported Israel's actions? I personally wouldn't- just as I wouldn't b a friend of anyone who supported it's actions and justified it. I hope this makes it more clear?

    Naz, I agree that it does not reflect the Jewish people or faith!

    UmmHamza, wa iyakki!

    Susanne, thank you!

  8. sarira, i know what you mean and i agree. as i said, i couldn't concentrate on the post while reading, and i agree with all the things i did read. i'm like a bit allergic to this subject because it comes to my home so many different ways, so i don't know how to talk about it. there's more than two sides in this story. and i'm truly happy that people speak up for palestinians, because they themselves don't get a chance. the world must know what's going on there and if nobody talks it will go on forever. inshaAllah there will be peace soon!


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