Saturday, 22 May 2010

Where is Waldo?

Asalamu aliauam wa rahmat Allah wa baraktoo and HellOooo!

Technically, I am not supposed to be online, but since my big sis and my niece have gone to sleep, I stole a few minutes to say thank you to all who commented on my last post-it means a lot to me. I will personally reply to each of you, God’s willing! Also, hellOooo to all my new followers. I’m very honored that you’ve decided to follow me :D
Well, what’s this particular post about? Let me ask you this question- where is Waldo?
 You know that game? (The British call it Where is Wally, right?)
Well, I’m asking you to apply it to YOUR LIFE. See, usually I share lessons I’ve learned in my life on this blog. This time, I’d like to ask you to share a lesson. That’s right. I’m taking a break and handing over this blog to each of you….
When you look back at all that you’ve been through, what lesson or lessons can you find hidden deep?
You can write as many lessons as you want! The only condition is to at least share one. They can be about anything- parenting, marriage, friendship, personal growth, self-esteem, or just life…
Now’s your CHANCE to share  some wisdom and also, if you’ve already written about it, shamelessly advertise your own blog :P Seriously, I’d love it if you did share anything at all, whether it’s a simple quote or a long life changing experience.
I believe each one of us has a story to tell…and I wanna hear them all!

p.s. I say where is Waldo because  believe that whenever a tragedy/unexpected experience in our life occurs, I believe we should think of it as that game. Somewhere in the middle of it all,  is Allah's blessings and Mercy. He decrees things for us out of His infinite Wisdom, Grace and Love. We just don't see it clearly- but there is a detailed Plan out there for us :)
p.s.s.You inspired me. You know who you are. Thank you for that letter that you sent me.  I swear, it meant a LOT.
p. + 3’s: Picture from: (Tell me, did you really find him in the pic?!)


  1. I have learned that there's a suny side in everything. we just don't always see it.

    so think positive!

    you can read about it in my blog :P . lol i don't know if it's possible to put a clickable link here so you guys have to copy/paste, sorry!

  2. lol i meant to sat sunny side. :P not suny side..

    and the sunny side of this was that you got an extra comment, sis! haha ♥

  3. I hope you are having a fun time with your sister!

    A lesson I've learned is to take time to really listen to people. Realize they have a perspective in life that may differ from yours. Don't be so arrogant that you think yours is the only one and the correct one. Never underestimate the "power" of listening and caring and sharing with others. Always be open to learning new things. Humbly realize you don't have all of life's answers and ask God to help you see His truth...and if you are wrong, to be able to change to be pleasing to Him. Stuff like that. :)

  4. Assalamu alaikum sis,

    Awwww I hope you are having a blast!!!!

    with me, I think every day of the past 3 years is a blessing in disguise. There are days when things seem so bad, I think "why me?" astaghfurAllah! But each time I get my mind cleared out, I start seeing how many blessings those hard times brought me. Alhamdulillah!!! Sometimes our blessings and rewards are not in form of material goods, but in emotional and mental advancement to levels that can't be learned through books.

    Loveeee you my noorie!!!!

  5. Oldie goldie, I love that post of yours. One of my favorites. Ma'shaAllah, wa'lhamdillah. Maybe I'll do a 'what's your favorite post of yours?" post since I am so 'down' hehe, and not thinking of anything nice to write about ;)

    Susanne, that is such a nice lesson to share and I can really see how you preach that on your blog. Again, I 'got interested' in your blog because of your perspective challenge post :D

    Pancake, SuhanAllah, great piece of advice- spiritual advancement as well, right, ma'shaAllah.

    Where are the others? They haven't learned from life ? ;)

  6. Salamu Alaikum--I cant believe this is my first time here!! I am an IDIOT!!!--and completely in love with it, and you!

    Anyway the biggest lesson that I try to tell myself is that you can never ever make everyone happy, just make Allah happy with you and thats the important thing.

  7. I agree with UmmRania on the lesson I've learned =)

    I can't really think of a specific one myself to write though. But I did learn something recently, don't take too much of something you love because then you won't love it as much anymore. (I learned this lesson with green bean casserole haha)

  8. UmmRania, awwww, habibti! I love you, too <3 Thank you so much for visiting me here! I think the lesson you and Zaiynab learned is so important- I 'know' it theoretically but I still haven't 'reached' that part of just 'letting go' and realizing I can't make everyone happy.

    LOOOOOOL Zaiynab!! Hehehehe! So cute!!


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