Wednesday, 5 May 2010

You've Reached Sarira's Answering Machine

Asalamau alilkaum wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo and HellOooo! 

This is just to let you know that if all goes to plan, I won't be here for the weekend (actually for us, the weekend started today. But I mean the rest of it). InshaAllah, I'll see you on Saturday :D

In the mean time! You guys decide....what do you want me to write about next?  The titles I have in my mind are:
 "No Thanks Necessary' 
"Who Calls at 6"
"I Don't Feel Like Praying?" (MSU sisters have read this before)

Okay, well take care my fellow bloggers and enjoy the 'weekend' or the rest of the week. 



  1. Who calls at 6 sounds great..oh and enjoy ur weekend..It is only Oman and KSA who's weekend starts today :)..I love it this way...<3

  2. Salaams. all topics sound interesting... Can not wait! Inshallah have a lovely, peaceful weekend.

  3. inshaAllah you enjoyed your weekend! we're still spending it.. lol, until monday..


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