Friday, 18 June 2010

Dear You- A Letter to my Readers as we've reached the End

Asalamu aliakuam wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo and Helloooo,

REMEMBER how I started this blog? I started it off by a letter I had written to myself 4 years ago. Now, I’m writing to you.

Thank you, each and person who has read this blog and shared this journey with me. When I joined, I said that I was wondering “what the heck I’d gotten myself into” (yeah, and then I proceeded to welcome you in, lol), but I really had no idea. I didn’t expect to meet so many great people in such a short time.
I didn’t expect to get 1,000 views of this blog.

I had a lot of fun and it has been quite the adventure!

I would like to thank you, Naz, oldie goldie, Susanne, Rebecca, Moonsmile, Xenia, Jaime, Rand, Rene, heart &soul, forever learning lessons, Pancake, Texan in UAE, Sundus, athoofa,Ms.Chutkus, ummafraz, Noor, Zaiynab, UmmRania,Jonie, Carmon, Umm Yusuf,Jaz, Fatimah, Umm Hamza, MissMishMish, Amira, Hasnur, and many many more....

Thank you.

There would have been no blog without your encouragement, reflections and thoughts.

Thank you anon, as well! Each of you! Hehe!

Thank you for those who didn't comment but still took time out of their day to read what this little girl had to say :)

Thank you for those who chose to 'follow' me! You'll never know how happy you made me and how honored I was.

And now.....for my last post, I decided since I had begun with a letter  I had written 4 years ago, I would share a short anecdote I wrote about 5 years ago.

It's funny because again I think I'd forgotten the lesson, myself.

Just a Few Centimeters

My father’s delicate health (my laptop) lays balanced on my lap as my fingers score goal after goal on the keyboard. I’m sitting on my bed in my small room. I am aware that it is dim in the room but I can’t leave the keyboard and turn on the light. If I do, total chaos may result and I cannot be responsible for that! I mean, I may lose 60 seconds of my precious time…and besides, I am too busy responding to questions, posts, e-mails, and forwards. With each sentence that I type, I grow farther and farther away from my room, and closer and closer to saving the world. Somehow, I feel that if I don’t respond immediately to something…it will be gone forever. No! I don’t feel it. I know it.

My younger brother enters the room. I know this without taking my eyes off the hypnotizing computer screen. It is his tiny little duckling footsteps that give him away. “Oh, Honey bunny, since you’re in here, could you turn on the lights for me?” I flash him one of those “I’m your big sister and you’re my darling little baby,” smiles reserved only for younger siblings. And then he is gone. Not out of the room but gone from my thoughts….

A few seconds later, I see his fingers touch the button and brightness floods the room. I am startled. I blink a few times…how long have I been staring at this screen? Suddenly, as I see my little brother standing near the light, I am reminded of a time long ago….it is me: 4 and a half years ago, and I am still sitting on my bed. I am listening to the sounds of tiny little grunts. My brother is trying to do what I have asked him to do: turn on the light but it is a bit higher than he is. How silly of me to ask him! I forgot that he is a tiny miniature little human…a 5 year old. He stands in front of me, attempting to climb Mount Everest. His eyes are focused above. His tiny feet are pointing up as he attempts to stand on tipey toes. His fingers move up and up…they almost touch the button. They fail! Five minutes later and there still isn’t light in the room. I am almost tempted to tell him to forget it, but his face- his silhouette- is so deeply absorbed in this impossible task that I know it is now, or never. In fact, my adrenaline begins to run… “Can he do it?” I feel myself rooting for him with all my being. Suddenly, nothing matters but this moment. He stands again, his hands first clenched in defiance, and then slowly, he raises his chubby fingers up….

My sister enters the room at this moment. “Oh, here, let me help you!” She is about to turn on the light, without so much as stretching her finger, but my shout stops her. “NO! He can do it!”

He looks at me then. I stare back, confident in his ability…confident in him. My sister is staring too….only she is staring at me, wondering if I have lost my mind. And then, she realizes what is going on. And suddenly, she is cheering for our little brother too.

One more time. He stands up. Sweat lines his brows. His eyes are scrunched. He raises his arms....As high as he can. His fingers miss by an inch. Again and again…missing it by a centimeter…a millimeter…and then, suddenly the light is on…the room is bright. But nothing as bright as my brother’s triumphant smile and our mirroring ones.

He did it!

As the memory fades, I get up and turn off my laptop. I grab my now 9 and a half year old brother in a huge embrace. Today, I don’t really have the time to save the world. I’m too busy loving my brother.

The secret is out :D


  1. Such a pleasure to know you through your posts. Such a delightful girl. I will miss you immensely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and knowledge with us. I will still be visiting your blog if it will remain open to readers, just to go over everything again.Just a big hug and Jazakallah ♥♥♥ missing you already... :(

  2. Your short lives blog has enlightened so many of us, made us think of the world, people and ourselves from different perspective. I loved your blog very much and enjoyed reading it. Now that you will wrap it up, it will leave a huge empty hole in my iPod and my "me time" routine. Not everyone can express themselves as beautifully and elonquently as you do, especially considering your tender young age. You have been blessed with a talent to write, to think and stir thought provoking ideas. I hope you are able to continue to nurture and grow this talent. MashaAllah, you have been blessed with ilm, with
    education and with a great talent. Love you Sarira, and can't wait to see where your creativity and talent will take you next.


  3. Heey Habibtii so sad you are leaving, glad to have some other forms of contact with you, your blog has been amazing as everyone says, so many thanks to you :)
    btw Amina i am not 17 Hahha ;)

  4. Salaam Alaikum,

    You will be missed! Ive enjoyed your blog and getting to know you. Please keep in touch,

  5. wa'alykum as salam wa rahmat Alalh wa barkatoo,
    awwww, y'all are so sweet. Wallahi, your comments really touched me! Xenia, I was planning on keeping it open to readers (so that in another 5 years or so, I could rediscover it myself! hehehe)

    susanne, <3 blah, indeed!

    Panckae, you don't know how much your words meant to me. "me time"....that's the BIGGEST compliment I think I've ever gotten! OmG! Hugssssssssssss my pancake!

    naz, I feel a lot better now!! Hehehhehe!! I'm also happy we've found a way as well :)

    Rene, I really enjoyed having you on my blog! Jazaki Allah for giving me your email <3 I really do want to know all about your little one, inshaAllah, and how motherhood goes, so inshaAlah you'll be hearing from me.


  6. Awww I'm soo proud of you!!! mashaAllah you have such an awesome talent!!

    I'm so sorry though, I've not been consistently keeping up with it. Mostly I didn't even remember cuz have been quite busy these last 50 days. Today though read most of your last posts. mashaAllah awesome. I'll come back in a couple of weeks and comment on all :D inshaAllah!!!

    What do you think of giving us another 50 day show after summer hols inshaAllah? I'll be rooting for you!!

    Love you!!! I just loved this last post and the story of your little brother, you made me all excited and cheer him during the story.

    P.S I became a follower of your blog now :)) Always forget to follow blogs, I think this is the first time I did! After you're done lol! But I do have hopes you'll do another round inshaAllah ***hugs***

  7. I LOVE your blog, I LOVE YOU OVERALL; to know that a person so nice & sweet exists in this world,in this day & age, & has such profound thoughts, is not only comforting, but inspiring; you've helped me to remember what Islam really is, & i'll always be grateful to you for your thoughts, for the inspiration you've given us all.
    Never have i been so grateful for posting an entry than now, when i recall how you left a comment one of mine, which lead me to your blog. I found here comfort, that one can be a goody two shoes, without being left out; you've proven a lot of things & inspired many, & so has your adorable brother.
    God Bless You All, & keep you safe & happy always.
    Thank you for mentioning, it's really heartwarming...& thank you for following one of my blogs! I'm going to post as many lesson's as regularly as i can for you! :D

  8. sorry i'm late.. i wasn't home for three days.

    :(((( i don't want this to end! mashaAllah sis, this has been a pleasure! are you sure you can't come and make a post every once in a while? like once a week or once a month? please?

  9. 50 days have passed,you've done so much,not many of us can acheive even half of what you did in these days.
    I had some hope that you'd let it go for more than 50 days..but I was wrong..
    However,I am still so happy to have known this blog and YOU in these 50 days..I will keep coming back and reading your inspiring blog..
    Wish you All the best Sarira (Amina)..May Allah bless you...<3

  10. We will miss you Amina! And such a sweet story to end with. But you were wrong...(sorry)...loving your little brother is 'saving the world' one hug at a time!

    I hope you keep on questioning, writing, caring and loving life and you family, as I am sure you will.

    All the best,

  11. I loved reading your blog. *sigh* is this the end for real or do you think you'll start up a new blog or something? ANd DON't Delete this one!!

  12. Amazing blog masha'Allah. Thanks for dropping by to my blog, since I got to discover yours and I feel yours is way more enlightening.

  13. Tsk! Is this your 50th day? I like your blog though it's my first time to be here. I just hope I can read more of your posts in the near future... :D

  14. I can't believe how long ago this post was, how did I skip past on it on my dashboard? I loved your blog, I hope you don't delete it and keep it floating through cyberspace. Jaz x


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