Thursday, 17 June 2010

Does that Make Me an Extremist? My Definition of Religious

Asalamu aliakuam wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo and Hellooo!

We're on day 49 :)

Anyways, we're living in a time when many people don't want to be 'considered religious', and that's mainly because many people confuse 'what being religoius means'. I thought I would...come to the rescue and offer my definition (which is completely based on Islamic texts/traditions).


Being religious means being gentle to your parents, treating your neighbors good, having a connection with the Supreme Creator, the Compassionate and the Just.

Being religious means understanding your purpose on this Earth is to worship the One who created you, created the stars, the universe, the Earth.

Being religious means being peaceful, it means honoring your promises, it means treating people like brothers and sisters, it means not harming yourself or harming others, it means calling your friends with names that they like, not talking about people behind their back .

Being religious means trusting in Allah. It means loving Allah and taking Him as a Protector, and a Victor: He will bring you victory.

Being religious does not mean acting better than those who are not as knowledgable as you in religion (in terms of rules, etc.). Allah hates those who brag. Being religious does not mean judging people: you never know. Who ever you judge and deem as stupid and worthless, might be loved by Allah.

Being religoius does'nt mean 'knowing theoretical rules of religion and the hadiths' but going around bragging , acting superior to everyone, turning your back on others. That would be irreligious!
Being religious means fighting a war with Shaitan everyday against temptation. It means fighting ignorance and the dark.

Being religious means following these two ayas:"Allah commands you to do justice, kindness and give charity to relatives and forbids you from all acts of lewdness, evil, and rebellion." "(Men and women of Allah) Control their anger, and forgive people; Allah likes righteous people."
Being religious means giving charity; caressing the head of an orphan, forgiving people, and not accusing people of things they have not committed. It is not lying, it is saying the truth, it is not being racist. A white is not better than a black, and a Arab is not better than a foreigner and a foreigner is not better than an Arab except in taqwa (piety).

Being religious is striving to live the way Allah has ordained. It's repenting when making a mistake. It's giving the da'awa kindly and correcting mistakes gently. It's turning to Allah always, and always...

P.S. If you're wondering what jihad is, you can see anonymous's question in the Islam 101 post and my answer :)


  1. Mashallah well i would be greatly honoured to be considered religious, and im working on it, Allah lead us towards the correct path (Siradul Mustaqeem) Ameen
    your sister in islam

  2. So why do so many folks protest religious folks? Hmmmm

    Good list! :)

  3. ...what's going to happen after day 50? :(

  4. In Catholicism, 'religious' is a noun, as in a nun is 'a' religious. But very few people know that.
    And if people say 'religious' people are hypocrites, I say, well, there is always room for one more :)

  5. Walaikum Assalam
    Ok i couldnt help but comment on this post Sister! :) .. Because ever since i started wearing my hijab and posting Islamic articles on my fb page I have been termed as being "overly-religious" O.o
    But ofcourse if being what u want to be and being kind and patient means being called overly religious.. then well I have no issues, Alhumdulillah ;)

    As of now .. this post is definitely gona be shared on my blog (I hope u dont mind) :)

    Love u for the sake of Allah! :)

  6. Walaikum Salam sister! Stumbled upon your blog thanks to another sister (Potential Hijabi) and I must say Mashallah I love this post! Thank you for making being 'too religious' so beautiful :)

    Jazakhallah Khair!


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