Saturday, 5 June 2010

What a Genius She is...

Asalamu aliakuam wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo and HellOOo!

Guest post today by my very dear friend sister. She writes poetry but usually doesn't share it with anyone (other than me), but finally I convinced her to let me post some. Yes, most of the world doesn't know that behind these peering brown eyes is a poet...

Some day, though, they will know...the people who pass her by...what a genius she is! Some day :)

"When I Grow Up"

When I grow up, I’ll
I’ll shake hands with the man on the moon
Twirl with the stars
Dive in black holes and…
And race comets in the night,
I said.
Silly, girl. You can’t do that.
Now, class, let us think of something she can do”,
My teacher said.

Twenty years later, I sat down for dinner with my family. After sitting alone for eight hours at a desk (alone except for a never ending stack of papers, which only seemed to grow and loom over me), it felt good to be alive.
 “Did you see the snow?” my father asked.
“What snow? It can’t snow here. We’re in a desert,” I said, laughing at the thought.
“I guess no one told the sky that,” my father answered.
“Because it’s snowing.”

A  Happy Family

He sat
Eyes super-glued to the screen,
Oblivious to everything
Like he was in his own glass booth
Or bubble
His eyes never blinked
Piercing eyes
Which never saw anything

His son sat
Glued like him to the TV
Stuck to the sofa
And except for his mouth,
which sang along with the commercials,
every damn one of them,
He never moved
Just sat, a ghost frozen in place

His wife was out
For things that never seemed to end
But which they always seemed to need
Out with her friends
And she’d come home late
After they’d fallen asleep,
Like she always did

His daughter was on the phone
Hidden from view
In her room
Her door locked
Her voice a whisper
And she giggled into the phone

And they were all happy
Each in their own world
One happy family-
Perfect strangers 
Happy- alone.

-------(New poem which purposefully doesn't have a title)

I woke up today morning
Without a voice
Opened my mouth
Nothing came out
Not a mutter, not a whisper,
Not even a croak
Nothing at all

At lunch, my mother came over
Began talking to me about this and that
And as I pointed frantically,
 with my hands, to my throat
Tried to mouth out what was wrong
My mom looked at me,
Glasses resting on her nose
And said,
“You never listen” and carried on…

Later at night,
After my fiancé called,
And I’d gone to work,
And watched the news,
I realized
Nothing had changed
And no one had noticed
No one at all

And one final short story by me (it's less than 500 words as the challenge was) that her second poem reminded me of. 
Crumbs of a Family

            I remember how it used to be. I remember how we’d all be sitting around the dinner table, waiting for the sun to set so that we could break our fast. I remember the noise. There were always four conversations going on at once. My big brother would be discussing something about the university with my dad, and at the same time, he would be arguing with my mother about his engagement party. My sister and I would be laughing over something that happened in class, and my younger brother would be talking to himself. It wasn’t always the same people talking to each other, but there was always somebody talking to somebody, even themselves. I remember the crunching and munching noises. I remember how it used to be if somebody slurped. I remember how I would tense up, sigh and glower all at the same time at the offender. I remember how I was always annoyed at all the noise around me. Why couldn’t everybody just be quiet for once? Why couldn’t we be a normal family? I remember how I would complain that the way certain members of the family ate made my appetite go away. I remember. And now, my father works overtime. My big brother lives far away, with his wife in a different house. My sister eats dinner with her friends out. My younger brother skips dinner to play soccer outside. And now, only my mother and I dine together in silence, and I wonder…What happened to the family? I hit my spoon against my bowl. Anything to break the dreaded silence. And I remember. How alive we used to be.


P.S. It really did SNOW in the desert (in certain parts of the UAE and of Saudi Arabia) in recent years.



  1. Lovely poems and great story! I remember when I got married, I was sad for awhile because it was TOO QUIET at my house! I missed the hustle and bustle of my parents and siblings at home. :)

    Yay for snow in the desert!

    Thanks for sharing these. And thank you dear sister as well. :)

  2. Susanne! Thank you so much for reading!

    You reminded me of when my older sister got married. Two days later, after the wedding party and moving into her new home, she came over (family's home) and visited us :))) (think yahoo rofl emoticon). LOOOL. The day after though, they traveled to their honeymoon destination ;)

    But yes, I think I am used to lots of hustle and bustle! I think I would find the house eerily quiet ^_^


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