Saturday, 8 May 2010

Kneeded a Wake- Up Call

Asalamu ailiakum wa rahmat Allah wa baraktoo and HellOoooo,
So some of you know what happened to my knee over the weekend, right.  For those who don’t, basically, over the weekend, I tripped over something and pretty much landed with all my weight on one knee. (Keep in mind that I already do have a knee problem and have been told by the doctors not to remain ‘sitting down’/’bent’ for more than half an hour…)
Anyways…all I did was trip.
But when I stood up again, my whole world was different! All of a sudden, normal things became major difficulties.
Climbing a stair was like climbing a mountain.
Going to the bathroom and even using it (which I know is really not anything you’re interested in) was an achievement/
Bending down, taking my shoes off, putting my socks on…all very normal and mundane things suddenly became great hurdles.
Actually lying down on a bed—easy, right? Nope! It was practically impossible for me. I had to ask my twin to pick my leg up for me (oh yeah, there are two Sariras out there!).
The experience was difficult, but above all, enlightening. It made me realize how much we take for granted.
It reminded me of a family I saw on one of my favorite shows (Kha’douka Fa Qalloo, with Mustafa Hosny). The family was made up of 5 sisters and one brother.  They were a simple family, living in what you could describe as rural Egypt. Unfortunately, the five sisters each had some sort of physical problem where the muscle in their arms did “not work”. I also believe there was something wrong with their legs, too, because they were sitting in wheel chairs.
The sisters could not lift up a cup of water to their mouths.
Their brother had to do that for them.
They could not shoo a fly away.
They could not cook a meal, grab something from the fridge, etc..
Their brother- let’s just say he was probably in his 30’s, but he had not gone married because he was staying to take care of his sisters.  
But he did not complain and his sisters didn’t either.  They were a people of faith, Ma’shaAllah. They talked about how kind Allah (Arabic word for God) is. They talked about how blessed they were.

Of course, by the end of the episode I had been tearing my eyes out, lol. I mean, we found out how sometimes they would have to stay home for a whole year….Mustafa, the presenter, came up with the idea for the audience to collect money to buy them a ‘tiny bus/big car’ to take them around. Sure enough, the audience did.
Two weeks later he went to the family and surprised them with the car. He asked them where they wanted to go. Immediately the sisters said, “We would like to visit our father’s grave”.
They had not been able to visit it for a long time.
OH yeah, I definitely needed the tissue box, then, ;)
But anyways, here’s what I’m asking you to do. Imagine that one of your muscles didn’t work. Just one. How different would your life be?
How blessed are you?

P.S. I don't know what's up with that purple line in the middle of the post?
P.S.S. I know that the ‘knee’ is a joint and not a muscle.


  1. mashaAllah!! Beautiful post. We are so blessed as Allah says: "And if you count the favours of Allah, you will not be able to count them..." Subhanallah! May Allah make us of His Grateful slaves...

    That story is so touching, not surprising you needed a tissue box.

    I was LOLing at your second P.S.S :)))

  2. awwwwww subhanAllah!!!!! First, oh poor you!!!! **hugs** and Second, what a beautiful post!!!!

    Yes yes yes, I know what its like to hurt yourself and not be able to function normally, definitely we as humans forget how blessed we are when the blessings become a thing of a normal.

    May Allah give you fast healing!

  3. sorry for spamming your comments section but forgot to say,

    wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu :)

  4. First of all salamaat :)
    and thanx for a beautiful post. Lots of people need that wake-up call

  5. Wa' alykum as salam wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo,

    athoofa, I was thinking of you when I wrote my second P.s. :)) ROFL. But anyways, yes, SubhanAllah, that verse is so true. I once heard a scholar explaining how in the Qur'an it literally says 'na3mah' which is the singular of blessing- why? Because each blessing in itself has so many blessings that we could not count them, SubhanAllah.

    Pancake, by all means, spam away :)) LOL. Jazaki Allah. Alhamdilah, I feel so much better :D

    Rand, Allah ya salimk, <3 I'm off to check out your profile/blog :D


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