Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Some Recitations + Name Game

Asalamu aliaukum wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo and HellOoo!
The first part of this post- I came across a few beautiful recitations that I thought I would share! They’re simply divine. Tell me who is your favorite recitor?

The first one is of a young boy but his voice is absolutely mesmerizing. I know he’s grown up now, hehe, but I think to everyone on the net, he will always remain this young boy with the most incredible and phenomenal  voice, ma’shaAllah.

(I'm not sure if I embeded it correctly, so here's the link:  

The next are recitations of Sa’ad Al Ghamdi, Sheikh Abu Bakr As-Shateri, Nassir Al Qutami, Salah Bukhatir, Mishari Al Afasi.

(Okay, well for the above link, I wanted you guys to click on Surat Al Mu’mineen or “The Believers”)

(Yeah, I'm too lazy to embed these, LOL :P) 

The second part of this post- I told Susanne on her blog that I might share some Arabic names and their meanings...so this is what this part of this post is about! I just love names- from whatever origin- but since I’m familiar with Arabic names, I thought include a few female Arabic names and what they mean. I tried to choose ‘interesting’ ones/ones also that you might have heard but may not have known the meaning to, hehe :D

The game, you ask? It’s for you to guess what my real name is :P It’s one of the ones written below. You will find out in about 31 days when I ‘close’ this blog, inshaAllah.
But anyways, you join in! Tell me what your name means? (If you want :D) Your favorite name? Who chose your child’s name (if you have one?)

·         Amel- hope
·         Amina- trustworthy
·         A’asyiah- wife of Pharoah ( she was a believer)- her name means one who helps others, has compassion for those who need help
·         Hadeel- Cooing of pigeons
·         Ibtisam- smile/smiling
·         Jumana- silver pearl
·         Latifa- gentle, kind, pleasant
·         Maha-big beautiful eyes of the doe/cow/shining bright
·         Mariam- “Mary”, mother of Jesus
·         Nada- dew drops (think of the dew drops on flowers)
·         Noor/a- ‘light’
·         Nawal- gift
·         Raneem- sound of the angels
·         Sara- has several meanings- to make others happy, princess, wife of Prophet Ibrahim
·         Sama- think princess, ‘elevated’, ‘high’, (this is not the same word as sama’a meaning sky, though :D)
·         Shahd- honey!
·         Tasneem- river in paradise
·         Wafaa’- loyal

Oh btw, one of the things that I love is that many “Arabian kings’ names” are “Abdullah”. Quite simply, this name means the ‘servant of God”. I just love seeing the title next to the name because it literally reads “King the servant of God”- it reminds me that in the end, king or not, we’re all God’s servants and all equal before Him.
Well! That's about it! Pressing publish before my internet goes cuKooo again!



  1. "it reminds me that in the end, king or not, we’re all God’s servants and all equal before Him."

    Yes, love this wonderful reminder!

    And what a super post! (Why are you closing your blog in 31 days? I never found the story behind that.) I will be back later to post more on the name part.

    Thanks for sharing some of your favorite recitations. Makes me miss Syria soooooooooooooooo much!!!

  2. I've never been one for guessing, haha.

    My name "Jaime" means supplanter. The origin of it is Spanish and is meant only for Spanish men. So you can imagine the weird looks I get living in a town where it feels like I'm the only white girl, having a Spanish last name, and get called for someone then they realize I'm not Spanish at all, LOL!

    My son's name is "Joseph" (we call him Joey though) meaning God will increase. It's origin is from Hebrew. I named him Joseph because I've always liked the name. I never go by meanings. But "Joseph" is actually his middle name. His first name is "Sergio", same as his daddy. "Sergio" means servant, and it's origin is Italian. It's a very popular name with Spanish people though.

  3. salaam alaikum,

    My name is Rene´ (french and can be used for males or females) and it means reborn.

    A few of my favorite reciters are nassim yaqub


    Shaykh Mishari

    shaykh Yasser Al Failekawe

    Imam Faisal

  4. More later, but I wanted to ask if there are many unisex Arabic names and if so, what are they and are they commonly used?

  5. Those are all beautiful names. Jennifer means "white, fair maiden". It fits. It's a modern form of Guinevere, as in wife of Arthur.

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  7. ^That was a mistake, lol.

    Susanne, heheh, the story behind the 50 days is really simple. The first reason is that I felt it would be a good challenge to myself- to say all that I wanted to say in 50 days! Plus, I’m a goal oriented type of person. If I don’t see ‘the end’, I don’t feel like doing it, lol. I’m obsessive in that way, as well :P Like when I have a project, I’ll focus only on that, you know what I mean? So I knew that if I started a blog, I’d be pretty obsessive :P

    The other reason was because when I first started this blog I was supposed to be joining a one month course in July that would start from 9:00 am- 6:00 pm, so I figured I would have no time to blog (because we’d still get assignments, tests/etc., too!) Unfortunately, I will not be able to take the course, but as of a few days ago, the family has decided that on June 29, we’ll travel to the homeland, haha, Egypt. When I go to Egypt, I always cut down on my internet time – I like to spend more time with the relatives,heheh. Besides, I think it’s a good thing to ‘get away from the Internet for a while ;))

    As for missing Syria, I think that’s so cute!! Yallah, have you thought about visiting Egypt? ;) We’ve got the pyramids, you know :P LOL!

    Jaime, haha, I’ve never been one for guessing, either. That’s what makes it so delicious- to torture you guys with all of these choices. I mean the odds of getting it right is like ..well..impossible, lol! That’s so funny that you have a name meant for men and a Spanish last name and you’re a total white girl, lol.

    My mom’s name, which is …Islam, (lol, I am the 'daughter of Islam'), has now become a man’s name, lol. I don’t know why, though :D

    Rene, I always wondered what that meant. I just realized that it’s like Latin- like the Renissance ;) I also didn’t know it could be used for guys! Cool! I can’t wait to listen to the recitations you put!! I’m so excited, hehe. I’m always on the lookout for a new recitator to listen to ;)

    Susanne, there are names that are unisex. However, these are usually ‘nouns’. Why? Because in Arabic, adjectives have a feminine and a masculine form. For example , Amina= trustworthy female, Amin- trustworthy man. Rashid= guided man, Rasdhia= guided woman. Samia= elevated woman, Sami = elevated man. You see what I am saying? But nouns, like “Noor” which I wrote above is unisex. Another example of a unisex name is ‘eman’ meaning faith.
    So what you can probably tell from ^ that is if the name ends with an ‘a’ at the end, you can mostly guess that it’s a female name because in the Arabic language, words are marked for femininity by adding with that sound at the end. BUT there are exceptions, like Osama (not bin laden, LOL).

    Jen, wow, I never knew that! Thanks for sharing :D :D

  8. Sarira, thanks for sharing what you did about your blog's name. Makes sense! Yay for traveling back to the homeland. Sounds fun! I'd love to visit Egypt one day! :-)

    Thanks for the info on names. LOL @ Osama not being "bin laden." Samer sometimes teases me and laughs that I have a Facebook friend named Osama. He likes to joke about complicating my life and bringing Arabs into it...even an Osama. :-D I agree that Noor seems feminine. I think it's a pretty name.

    My name is from the Hebrew word for lily. Here is information from behindthename.com on "Susanna."

    From Σουσαννα (Sousanna), the Greek form of the Hebrew name שׁוֹשַׁנָּה (Shoshannah). This was derived from the Hebrew word שׁוֹשָׁן (shoshan) meaning "lily" (in modern Hebrew this also means "rose"), perhaps ultimately from Egyptian sšn "lotus".

    Let's see...I have to guess your name from this list. Hmmmm. I have about a 7% chance of getting it right. I'll choose Mariam. Maybe since you were born in the US, your parents gave you a name that was also familiar there. ;) I like reading the meanings to those names. I met a Maha in Damascus, but none of the others! Unbelievably (or not) I actually met a Syrian Susanna. As Susanna is my "real" name, I found this neat enough to take a picture with her. She was a child in a restaurant. :)

    Here she is if you are interested. http://susanne430.blogspot.com/2009/05/damascus-meeting-syrian-susanna.html

    If you ever look through my Syria posts, you'll notice I didn't hang out with a lot of Arab women. Sadly. The ones I met besides Susanna were Claudia (a worker at the hostel), Rusha (Ahmad's sister), Dania (Samer's sister), Fatima (Samer's mom), Rana (Amer's sister). Maha was one of Dania's friends whom we met at the souq one day. OK...way more than you probably wanted to know, but those are the Arab women whom we met and their names. And since this is a name post, it's related a bit, right? :D

    I met a few female children such as Rana's girls, but I didn't catch their names as they were too exotic for my American ears and I didn't want to keep asking "what was that again?" But I do have pictures of them, thankfully. http://susanne430.blogspot.com/2009/04/damascus-visiting-amer.html

    About René as a male name....I think Celine Dion's husband has this name.

    OK...enough from me for now!

    Thanks for a great post and comments!

  9. I know! People will even start talking to me in Spanish, thinking I speak it cause of my name. I just stand there thinking, "I'm white like a ghost... how could they think I'm Spanish and keep calling me the male form of my name?" LOL! I've gotten to where I just answer it and don't bother correcting them. They don't listen anyways when I tell them it's "JAY-me", not "HI-may", haha.

  10. Himay, I think I’m going to tease you with that from now on…LOOOOL. It is pretty funny that they think you’re Spanish!

    LOOOOL! Susanne, I do think you like to complicate your life! You have an Osama as a friend! Heheheh! (Btw, we were discussing “Osama’ on Rebecca’s blog that I have linked up on the side -Letters to the World- in the 3rd to last entry. It’s a funny entry!)

    I thought it was pretty funny how maybe, maybe your name is from Egyptian lotus :D By the way, I absolutely love lilies!

    That’s AWESOME that you met a Syrian Susanne! I’m going to check out that post that you put! Maybe the Syrian women were all shy to meet ya :P That’s so cute that you bumped into Maha at the souk! You should see what happens in an Arabic wedding- you bump into relatives you never knew existed, LOL.

    I knew somebody would guess Mariam because it had nothing to do with the kinds of names I had written. I’ll tell you that you aren’t wrong about one thing- my parents did choose the name Mariam, but not for me ;) For my twinkie! You did such a good job though, Susanne, though, I’ll tell ya ..


    I decided it was only fair since I know your name.

    My parents had decided on the name Mariam right away. For me- they were undecided. They ended up deciding this: since in Islam Mariam is Prophet Jesus’s mother, they chose my name, ORIGINALLY, to be Prophet Mohammed’s mother, pronounced A- min (like minute)-a. The thing is, the Americans around them pronounced it as A-mean-a (lol, all mean), so that became my name, instead, since it was an Arabic word. Remember, Amina== trustworthy ;)

    That's probably also why ^when I commented on unisex names, the first name I thought of was Amina :P

    OH the funny thing is that some relatives insist on calling me by my original name :P)

    okay off to see your posty :D

  11. that boy is amazing!

    lol my name is so typical that there was always someone in the same class with the same name already at school. i was always called big-Tiina, because the other one was shorter than me :P

    they say that my name comes from kristina, which i suppose means follower of the christ.. my name could as well come from martina, justiina (a finnish name lol) or what ever, so not sure of the meaning..

  12. "I thought it was pretty funny how maybe, maybe your name is from Egyptian lotus :D "

    Yes, I thought that was very cool especially when I copied it here for YOU to read! :-)

    Wow, I chose your twin's name? That's pretty close, huh? Really for me it was a toss between Mariam and Sara since both are also American names and that was the whole reason I chose Mariam. :)

    Thanks for sharing the story behind your name *and* it's American-influenced pronunciation. Ha! Do you have a hard time with people saying it "wrong" (the Arabic way) where you live now or do you go by BOTH pronunciations? a -mean -uh *and* a - min - uh? Oh, duh, I just read that some relatives did call you the original name. Hehehehe. Well, that IS the Arabic way so . . . :-)

    I love reading the stories behind names like that. Thanks so much for sharing!! :-D I'll still call you "Sarira" since it's fine for you to have a "little secret" from all but meeeeeeeeeee! Ha, ha! And whoever reads this post, of course! :-D

    BTW, odd fact of the day -- my Syrian friend Samer also is a twin. :)


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