Monday, 31 May 2010

Mountain Vs. Fly

The believer sees his sin as a mountain beneath which he is sitting and which he fears may fall down upon him.

The rebellious person sees his sin as a fly which passes in front of his nose and he swats it away…"


P.s. I need to reply to all of your lovely and great comments. InshaAllah, tomorrow morning as I've been on the computer the last few hours!

P.S.S. this was inspired by our very intersting conversation over here: Christian Q&A session.

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  1. See, I read your blog!! =P

    Why are you only keeping it for 50 days?! =( poo!

    Off to read all the posts now! =D


    (this is mandy by the way haha)

  2. I love that saying about the sin being to the rebellious person, a mere annoyance, like a fly. How true!

  3. Good quote! Thanks much for all your great comments. I'll try to discuss them more with you soon. :)

  4. Mandy, u're such a sweetie! I was totally totally TEASING you, OMG! Short story- 50 days makes it a challenge for me and also we'll be going to Egypt around then and I like to cut my internet time :)

    Rebecca, me too! I wish I knew who said the quote, though. It's supposed to be some islamic scholar, but nobody seems to agree on which one, LOL!

    Susanne, I look forward to your replies! :D I really do :D It's one of the first things I check when I wake up, now, hehe. So interesting :)

  5. Ma'shaAllah! Good postie! Reminded me of this, though.


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